How Do I Delete My Jobhat Account?

  • In the case, you do not want to receive email messages.
  • Then, you have to log in to your account and by contacting JobHat through e-mail at, you can deactivate it.
  • In the case, you want to use the SMS Service, which sends out updates as they are received in real time.
  • Then, you have to log in and by contacting JobHat through e-mail at, you can activate this service.

 Deleting your Jobhat Account

You need to send us an email at in order to delete your JobHat account.

In the body of the email, you have to include the username and reason why you would like your account deleted.

Then, within 24 hours with an answer, we will then respond back you.

For an account deletion, all of your information will be changed so that it can no longer be accessed by anyone on the website, after we have received your request.

To all deleted accounts, we also add a “hidden” field which will alert us whenever someone tries login as that username in case someone is trying to access information from another site or service.

We will delete your JobHat account after this has been done for you.

If you demand the deletion of your account right now or in 10 minutes from now, we like to think that the same rule goes for both of the cases.

After every 30 minutes, the site is updated and also the time frame varies slightly based on workload, so deleting your account within those 30 minutes may mean that it takes a little longer to have the information removed because sometimes this process cannot be done rapidly due to technical problems.

However, after an hour or two at most in any case though, if you email us with your username and reason for deletion, everything should have been taken care of by then.

On the off chance that not, kindly email us once more.

If a user would try to find you through our search function or from viewing the rundown of users after your account has been deleted, they will see that your username is no longer in use.

Moreover, it will just say “User Deleted”.

In the event that somebody proceeded to attempt to look for your email address, all emails recorded are additionally deleted as there is now no record of them existing since we change the arrangement of them before deletion so they cannot be connected back to another site or service.

Similarly, your profile picture is brought down when you demand deletion of your account since it becomes useless with you no longer being in the system in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I unsubscribe from JobHat?

You have to reply to the last email you received with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line in order to stop receiving JobHat emails.

Q. Is JobHat a real site?

They simply want your personal information to sell to other as the Jobhat is not a real job site.

Q. How trustworthy is JobHat?

However, the JobHat ranks 144th among Job Search sites. Moreover, a consumer rating of JobHat is 1 star from 3 reviews representing that most clients are usually dissatisfied with their purchases.

Q. What is JobHat?

An online job posting and job aggregator site is the JobHat where employers can post open job vacancies. Moreover, the employers can publicize their job postings by industry across the United States with the help of JobHat.

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